FOP Guns for Ret’d. Cop Who Wore Uniform at Occupy Protest

A retired Philadelphia Police captain has gained some major attention lately for doing something “extremely uncalled for” in the eyes of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

Before you jump to conclusions, it wasn’t rape, abuse, or murder. No, Captain Ray Lewis could be permanently expelled from the FOP and stripped of his union benefits for something entirely different: wearing his uniform to an Occupy protest.

FOP union president John McNesby is not pleased enraged over Lewis’ actions, and now the 60-year-old retiree could lose his life insurance and legal assistance for wanting to show the world that the Occupy movement is not just for entitled millenials.

Captain Lewis tells that Occupy protestors were grateful for his attendance. He’s since continued to wear his uniform, most recently at Tuesday’s May Day rally at Elmwood Park.

But John McNesby couldn’t care less. He told reporters, “We don’t want that guy around…. He’s not respecting the uniform. People died for that uniform. It’s not Halloween.”  He even stated that he thinks Lewis should be put in jail for his actions. A review of Lewis’ case is expected to be finished near the end of May.

Perhaps McNesby has a personal vendetta against the former Police captain? When asked why the FOP doesn’t have a problem with fake-cop Jimmy Binns, FOP pension director Henry Vannelli said, “Binns is a very good friend of the Police.”

That seems… fair?

Photos courtesy of Johnny Milano and Occupy Police

Michelle Mass

Michelle is a West Chester University graduate originally from the fist-pumping area of the Jersey Shore. Luckily, she was able to shed her ways, and has been a Pennsylvania resident for 8 years. With her love for reality shows, vodka-diets, writing, and the city of brotherly love, there is always a good story on the tip of her tongue.

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