Proof of Ill Repute: Councilman Demands Bodega Receipts

No one ever makes purchases from a bodega that would warrant a receipt. In fact, we’d rather not have lasting proof of most of our corner store buys. Unfortunately, our desire to conceal our desire for Horny Goat Week is not going to dissuade City Councilman Curtis Jones from proposing a new law, one that would force all Philadelphia convenience stores to hand over receipts for every transaction.

Yes, even if it’s just a single White Owl.

Though there’s no concrete legislation yet, Councilman Jones is hoping the future measure will stymie Philadelphia’s corner store tax evaders who underreport cash transactions and sell all sorts of nefarious goods to innocent children. But he also wants us to have the option to return a $1.95 “Chick Ring Platter” and box of imitation Cap’n Crunch, should we feel inclined to do so.

According to Councilman Jones, the mandate would be well within City Council’s purvey, ““We can ask for receipts based on the fact that we levy taxes against those receipts.” That might be true, but has Councilman Jones ever seen a random piece of scrap paper corner store receipt before? It’s likely that this would just end up making the problem worse.

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