Crispy NJ Mom Immortalized in Plastic

The Crispy NJ Mom who allegedly burned her daughter in a tanning booth has been haunting our dreams for the past week. Now, a really weird toy company has found a way to immortalize her 15 seconds of fame in plastic.

Hero Builders, which describes itself as the “last America toy company” (and touts a website that makes Geocities look cutting edge), has unveiled their new “Tanorexic Doll,” inspired by the absurdly tan mom.

The founder of Hero Builders, Emil Vicale, admitted that the doll was based on Krentcil, telling NBC, “This is our first ugly doll.” Ouch. For a mere $30, you can own this meaningless tribute to a meme no one will remember two months from now.

Ok, she honestly does look a little like a troll doll.

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