Marc Summers to Revive Double Dare

We’ve been waiting ages to sift through a gigantic, slime-covered nose so we can fulfill our childhood dream of touching the orange flag of destiny. We also really want to hear host Marc Summers deliver the phrase “On your mark, get set, GOOOO!” as it will likely send us into a tailspin of infantilized giddiness.

Fortunately, all of that stuff will happen again soon; we just probably won’t get to see it.

Nickelodeon has announced that Marc Summers will be reprising Double Dare at Nickelodeon Suites Resort starting May 25th. The show, now called Double Dare Live, will get a modern overhaul (no more Teen Wolf trivia) and feature hotel guests as contestants.

But here’s the rub: it will not be televised.

Yes, we know that sucks, and you’re probably cursing us for getting your hopes up, but, hey, this is much better than a full-fledged Nick Arcade reboot.

Double Dare actually started at WHYY in Philadelphia in 1986, before moving to Nickelodeon in 1990 and airing nationally. We hear Marc Summers has a production company based in Philadelphia, splitting his time between living in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. So maybe, just maybe, we can get him to put on a live version of the show at Union Transfer.

R5, get on this.

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