Local Baker Looks for Second “Cupcake Wars” Win

Being a huge Food Network fan, I was thrilled to learn that a Philadelphian is scheduled to appear on my absolute favorite show, Cupcake Wars.

South Philly baker and owner of A Cupcake Wonderland, Lily Fischer, was crowned the winner of the competitive reality baking show last year, after making 1,000 cupcakes for a panel of three judges (and the annoying, magician host) in just two hours. With her $10,000 prize, Fischer opened up her now-successful bakery on Worth Street.

This Sunday, her second round of competition will be broadcasted as she vies to keep the cupcake crown. When talking about the judged competition, the baker told NewsWorks that “The biggest competitor on any cooking show like this is the clock. You can’t fuss about what the other teams are doing. It’s really about trying to beat that clock.”

To gain support of her local community, Fischer went to the Comcast Center and doled out samples of the mouthwatering cupcakes she created on the show including a red velvet mini cupcake.

Luckily for her, our loyalty can be bought with cupcakes. Good luck, Lily!

Photo courtesy of Emma Lee via NewsWorks

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Michelle Mass

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