European Invention Will Get You “Instantly Drunk” for a Few Seconds

Sometimes I wish I could inject myself with alcohol instead of having to wait a mere 40 minutes before getting that obligatory, Friday-after-a-long-work-week buzz. Now, after years of patiently waiting while kids absorb vodka through their eyeballs, my prayers have been answered.

David Edwards, a French-American scientist, has created an invention that will save bar-goers time and money. It’s called WA|HH Quantum Sensations and while we’re not really sure how it works, we know it’s a spray that causes brief intoxication with NO aftereffects. That’s right- no more headaches, throwing up, or hangovers that cause you to swear off drinking for the rest your adult life.

Each spritz of the sleek aluminum tubing provides 0.075 milliliters of alcohol, and for some reason, when the alcohol is delivered in this fashion, it is only enough to make you feel buzzed for a short amount of time instead of full on Snookie-at-Karma drunk.

Unfortunately for us, the product will only be sold in Europe for now, costing a paltry $26 a pop.

Anyone want to move to Europe?

Source: Gizmodo | Photo: (AFP, Franck Fife)

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Michelle Mass

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