PhilaMOCA Campaigns for “Eraserhood”

We’re not sure who started the campaign to rename Callowhill as “Eraserhood,” but the idea seems to be slowly creeping its way out of the local alt-vernacular and into the mainstream. I think we first saw it mentioned on Philebrity (although it was being used well before then), and now the new kid on the block (who’s acting like he’s lived here and been friends with all of us since kindgarden), Curbed Philly, is using the word like it’s a widely accepted analog to “Callowhill” or the completely uninspired “Loft District.”

There’s even a blog called Eraserhood, which we were fully unaware of until today, that posts various photos from the area and keeps the neighborhood nickname afloat in the local discourse.

For those of you who aren’t in the know or have somehow not seen a David Lynch film, the name is in reference to Lynch’s 1977 film “Eraserhead,” which is a surreal and unnerving exploration into the unconscious world of an, how I can put this, “unwilling” father. Anyway, Lynch claims that his time living in Philadelphia directly influenced his ominous, industrial style, which he references below in this ringing endorsement for the city of Philadelphia.

Now the art gallery and music venue PhilaMOCA is doing its part to solidify the new neighborhood. In addition to starting a huge Eraserhood mural on the exterior of their building, they’ll be hosting an art show on July 13th, entitled Eraserhood Forever. Here’s what they had to say about it in a recent press release:

“All of us here at PhilaMOCA are huge David Lynch fans and are thus honored to be a fixture of the Eraserhood, a neighborhood on the rise that will soon be known as ‘Callowhill’.  So join us as we preserve our corner of Center City in all of its frightening/strange/surreal glory…”

We dig this and, despite how the city may feel about naming one of their neighborhoods after a mind-f*ck of a film, we want you guys to get involved. Make something- be it a painting, photo or weapon – and bring it to PhilaMOCA on July 10th or 11th from noon to 6pm to take part in the show. There is a participation fee, but the gallery won’t be taking any commission on sold artwork. With your help, we may be able to kill this whole “Loft District” stuff.

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