Is Obama Coming to Philly’s Made in America Music Festival?

Is the President coming to town? According to Rolling Stone, one of the most powerful men in the hip-hop industry is planning to invite the most powerful politician in the world to Philly’s Made in America music festival (scheduled for September 1st and 2nd).

Regarding the President’s invitation, Jay-Z stated, “he probably won’t have time, but I’m absolutely going to ask him…I’m gonna give him a call and I’m gonna try to get him to perform—do a little rendition of Al Green.”

Though the official lineup hasn’t been released just yet, Jay-Z seems to be looking forward to the event- and that can only mean good things. “You’ll see me with a probably a beer in my hand, just enjoying the festivities and the music like everyone else. I’ma try and keep it as normal and simple as possible.”

Sorry Jay, but inviting the President to our city for an extravagant concert on the Parkway is not “normal and simple.” Not to mention the additional possibility of your ultimate-diva wife, Beyoncé, also making an appearance. (Jay-Z says he “tried to put it far enough away on her calendar so that she’d have a little gap in the schedule.”)

Maybe Sasha and Malia can babysit little Blue Ivy while their parents are on stage? That’s be the the normal and simple thing to do.

Read more at Rolling Stone | Photo: AP

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