Just in Time for Summer: Rabid Raccoon Attacks at Park Bathroom

Wissahickon Park goers have recently been put on high alert after a rabid raccoon attacked and infected an unidentified person last Thursday in a bathroom near the Valley Green Inn.

The raccoon’s victim is currently being treated for rabies, and, fortunately for those of us who tend to use bathrooms, the assailant has been caught.

This is the 62nd animal rabies recorded case in Philadelphia since 1989.

Park officials encourage anyone who has recently come in contact (i.e. bitten or scratched) by a raccoon to come forward and seek medical attention at once. Also, any animals that have been recently roaming the park grounds, such as unvaccinated dogs, should be taken to their veterinarian immediately to get checked out.

Health Commissioner Donald F. Schwarz confirms to NBC 10 that “Without prompt preventive treatment, rabies in humans is fatal nearly one hundred percent of the time.”

So, just in case you think you are a Disney character who can evoke wild animals to come huddle around you as you sing, we’d like to note that you are, indeed, not.

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Michelle Mass

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