Flick of the Week: Morgan Spurlock’s “Mansome”


Taking on the topic of what makes a man, Mansome is Spurlock’s entertaining, if not especially illuminating documentary about masculinity. Will Arnett and Jason Bateman have a spa day while episodes focus on male grooming: moustaches, beards, body hair, and even eyebrow threading. The point of all this male care is how it affects identity, creates confidence, and makes guys feel sexy. The best vignettes deal with products such as “Fresh Balls,” which prevent “batwings” (the scrotum sticking to one’s leg).

There is also a fascinating episode involving specialist Mr. Carmine creating his unique hairpieces. But some storylines—one involving Beardsman Jack Passion in competition, or Ricky, a metrosexual—are either repetitive, or go on too long. Many of these same points are made succinctly, and even hilariously, in interviews with folks ranging from Zach Galifianakis to John Waters. Yet, how and why men have become so vain is only superficially explored. Do guys feel more secure using products, getting their backs waxed, or wearing male pantyhose? Perhaps. But Mansome trades only in generalities. Spurlock shows guys who are Botox-ed, or using male makeup—but his film is only skin deep.

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