Is Joe Pitts the Dumbest Representative in America?

72-year-old PA Representative Joe Pitts (R) has added one more “oops” moment to the long list of recent GOP blunders.

Last month, Pennsylvania’s sixteenth district rep responded to a constituent’s letter that voiced concerns over “the global war against terrorism.” With a commanding use of the English language, Rep. Pitts called upon Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to advance the mission of peace in the Middle East by taking down Palestinian extremists.

There’s just two details that may have slipped past Pitts: Arafat died eight years ago, and Ariel Sharon has been comatose for the last six years.

While Pitts’ resume boasts positions on the Armed Services Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee, it would seem that he lacks an ongoing knowledge of global affairs. But Pitts’ spokesman, Andrew Wimer, would beg to differ, “Rep. Pitts certainly knows who currently leads the Israeli and Palestinian governments.”

Wimer, who is clearly in full damage control mode, wants us to know that the rep’s staff is actually to blame for the gaffe. He further assures us that they are now “reviewing our internal process to make sure this sort of thing can’t happen again.”

Rep. Pitts is currently focused on securing his re-election in November. He will be up against Democrat Aryanna Strader and Independent James Bednarski.

We wish him good luck with that. Perhaps Rick Perry or Herman Cain could be his campaign advisor?

Source: Potts Mercury, MoJo, Lancaster Online | Photo via TPM

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