Mother Plans to Press Charges Against Babysitter who “Spin-Cycled” her Child

The mother of the 1-year-old boy who was recently locked in a running washing machine plans to sue the two idiots who put her son there.

In yet another act of pure stupidity turned YouTube sensation, the a friend of the boy’s babysitter was caught on camera playfully tossing the toddler into a washing machine in “an attempt to play peek-a-boo.”  For lack of better words, the situation spun out of control when the machine unexpectedly turned on and the door would not unlock. The boy’s bumpy ride lasted for about a minute and came to an end when an employee shut the machine’s circuit off from the back.

As if Tan Mom wasn’t enough to handle, we think Laudromat Babysitter might just surpass her as the biggest moron to ever be left with a child.

“My thoughts are nobody should ever put a child in a washing machine,” says the wise grandmother of the boy. Yeah, we think so too, as do the thousands of YouTube viewers who have left angry comments on the video taken from the laundromat’s surveillance camera.

Sakia David, the boy’s mother, says that she is more upset because she wasn’t told about the incident after it happened. She first viewed the video on the nightly news along with the rest of America. She intends to press charges against her babysitter, who is actually her baby’s father’s girlfriend. Complicated, I know.

“She never said anything about it, that’s the thing. I found out yesterday when I looked at the tape, they thought I was going crazy. I’m like I’m not going crazy, I know my son and I know you. She just kept saying it wasn’t her,” David said.

Frankly, we’re not sure what the craziest part of this story is. But one thing is certain: it is definitely time to for this mother to get a new babysitter.

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