Overhyped Shake Shack to Open Next Week, Line Forms Tomorrow

Food bloggers have been losing their shit ever since New York’s Shake Shack announced a new Philadelphia location at 2000 Sansom Street. The official opening will be on Wednesday, June 6th. But before the psychotic line forms outside, we’d like to know what all this fuss is about. That is to say, does a burger sandwiched between a friggin’ potato bun really warrant this unparalleled hype?

Admittedly, we’ve never witnessed their glory in grease, but this thing looks about as tasty as the burgers at my high school- and those burgers weren’t so much tasty as they were physically intriguing.

A quick search on Yelp reveals all sorts of outlandish claims to Shake Shack’s fast food supremacy. Take this glowing endorsement for instance, “Last time, I had burgers and fries and they were yummy.” Or this one, which calls it “The most over-hyped, over-rated burger joint on the planet.”

Ok, forget Yelp.

I like to think that most of us are impervious to food hype, because we have what are undoubtedly the two most over-hyped restaurants in the history of consumption. So before we line up outside (the?) Shake Shack as if their burgers are topped with caramelized iPhone 5’s, let’s scale this back a bit and think for a moment: Is standing in a line that’s so long that it has its own webcam really worth this sorry-looking smushed meat you see before you?

Tune in next week to find out.

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