Remember That Upper Darby Pizza Shop Owner Who Planted Mice in a Rival’s Bathroom? Woody Allen Does

Ok, this is pretty surreal and it begs a bit of back story: In early 2011, the owner of Nina’s Bella Pizzeria in Upper Darby, Nickolas Galiatsatos, was caught planting lab mice in nearby Verona Pizza. Galiatsatos was apprehended after using the rival pizza shop’s bathroom, buying a single bag a chips, and, from what we can tell, generally acting suspicious.

Here’s a snippet from our previous coverage.

When Fanis Facas, co-owner of Verona, investigated the men’s room and discovered footprints on the toilet seat, he immediately checked the drop ceiling to find a few white mice- you know, the kind you can outright buy from pet shops. Facas then told the two officers who were eating there at the time. The officers then found Galiatsatos across the street, trying to dispose of more mice.

Something about this fucked up story apparently resonated with the acclaimed director Woody Allen, because the strange incident is the crux of his latest short work of fiction, “Not a Creature Was Stirring.” Published in the New Yorker a few days ago, the story involves a feckless Hollywood producer who uses the Upper Darby debacle as inspiration for his next film, which would feature super-smart, radioactive, bank-robbing mice. Here’s a blurb:

“We get the first clue as to their sinister leanings when they pick up a broom, grab Tabby the lovable laboratory cat, and, using the handle as a bat, fungo her out the window. Oh, I forgot to mention, the radiation gives each malevolent mouse the strength of fifty. Suddenly the city of London is hit with a crime wave. Assaults, burglaries, Ponzi schemes, the kidnapping of a hedge-fund executive and his family, who are held for ransom.”

We’re pretty sure this whole thing is metaphor for sorry state of the Hollywood film industry, but we’re content with the tangential shout-out alone. I suppose that’s what separates Woody Allen from the rest of us schmucks.

Read the short story here.

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