DA Williams’ Fierce “Seth & the City” Fundraiser is Weirding Us Out

Philly’s District Attorney, Seth Williams, is hosting a fundraiser today, and he’s looking to none other than Carrie Bradshaw for an inspiring theme.

It’s dubbed, “Seth and the City,” and the political fundraiser is aimed at helping Williams secure a bid for his second term as Philly’s DA. This marks the third year for the absurdly named, black-tie optional event that will be held at Two Liberty Place.

To go along with his peculiar “Sex and the City” theme, the invitation for the event suggests women “dress like a star & put on your sexiest shoes,” while men should “dress to impress.”

Staying true to its namesake, preparation for the event was surrounded by some juicy controversy. We heard that the executive director for Williams’ PAC, Lisette Gonzalez, reportedly emailed 34 people on his staff and strongly urged them to attend and contribute to the DA’s bid. Samuel Stretton, an attorney for Williams’ campaign, described her actions as “illegal,” claiming that she was so “pressuring public employees for campaign money.” We should note that the Hatch Act specifically limits government employees from political involvement- it’s also really tacky.

Gonzalez later disclosed on her sex blog that she had been reprimanded for the incident, as Williams reportedly did not approve nor know about the email.

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