Dave Grohl Leaves Rittenhouse Bartenders $1,000 Tip. Twice

So it turns out that Dave Grohl, drummer for one of the most important bands of the 20th century and the lead singer for The Foo Fighters, is a super nice dude. Dave was in town not too long ago for a friend’s wedding and he was spotted a few times hanging out in Rittenhouse Park and generally manifesting his super niceness around Philly. But it seems we may have severely underestimated his good nature- by about $2,000.

Word on the street is that Grohl, after having just one drink at Smith & Wollensky in Rittenhouse on Friday night, tipped his bartender $1,000. Then he did it again on Saturday night.

Alright , Grohl, we get it; you’re a veritable monsoon of talent of generosity. But did you really have to make the rest of us feel so damn poor and ungrateful in one fell swoop?

Source: Dan Gross for Philly Gossip

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