“Jersey Shore” Cast Gets the Ax

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just three years since the cast of “Jersey Shore” began their devastating, non-stop pummeling of modern culture. But now, after five seasons and a sixth on the way, it seems their reign will soon come to an end.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that the original cast will not return to the show for future seasons. An anonymous source claims that producers broke the news to the cast as shooting for their sixth season began sometime last week. The source also told In Touch that the cast took the announcement in stride, stating, “They decided to make the most of their final days at the Shore.”

Unfortunately for the youth of America, a fresh lineup will likely come to the forefront (sort of like shark’s teeth). But we can at least get some real entertainment from the cast now, as I’m sure we’ll all follow the former reality stars through obscure, D-list celebrity circuits which will likely include The Situation boxing a kangaroo somewhere in Northeast Philadelphia.

Now that’s entertainment I can get behind.

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