Ventnor Street Art Deemed “Too Rastifarian” for Ventnor Asshats

Government-backed street usually sucks. But in this case, when Elyssa Glenn was asked by the director of the Ventnor City Cultural Arts Center to art-ify a local utility box, the outcome was actually pretty sweet and surprisingly interesting. Too bad the locals thought it was the work of the devil.

It took Elyssa one week to paint this crazy, tribal-looking face on said utlity box, but city workers apparently painted over the thing in about five minutes. “It took me 28 hours to do just the face,” Elyssa told

The project was a part of a larger initiative to liven up the streets of Ventnor. Other utility boxes were also painted over with really cute seas horses and other standard shore bullshit, but Elyssa’s bad ass style and daring choice of colors apparently freaked out long-time residents. When asked who gave her permission to create the painting, a passerby reportedly told Elyssa, “It’s a Rastafarian, and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Mayor Mike Bagnell has since reached out to Elyssa, and, in Elyssa’s words, he explained that “These are really nice homes, people have lived here a million years, and they’re not happy.”

Elyssa is pissed and, she’s vowed to never paint another utility box in Ventnor ever again, which kind of sucks; we always thought Ventnor was in dire need of some Rastafarian elements to really take it to the next level.

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