It’s Official, We’ve Got bugs

We’ve been trying to ignore all these top ten lists for months now, but it seems Philly’s latest ranking is cause for some concern. Somehow, our fair city has been awarded the quite nauseating title of Most Bed Bug Infested City in America. The official list of American’s bed bug-ridden cities was compiled by the kind folks at Terminix (who, I’m sure, have no vested interest here), with results based on the number of “service calls from customers, as well as confirmed cases by service professionals.”

It seems that the bugs have taken to our inherent grossness, as Philly edged out out runner-up Cincinnati and, somehow, the entire city of New York, which came in at a respectable third place. In their report, Terminix urges Philadelphians to “contact a profession if they suspect a problem” (presumably, Terminix) and cites common warning signs as “itchy welts and rashes.” Buh.

I think it goes almost without saying that the old cliché applies now more than ever. So, goodnight, Philadelphia; don’t let the bedbugs bite, but, if they do, call the Orkin Man instead of Terminix, because we’ll be damned if we top this list next year.

Source: Philadelphia Business Journal

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Rachel Clarke

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