Someone Get These North Philly Horses Some Shoes

North Philly horses are undoubtedly the strangest local phenomenon since the discovery of Toynbee tiles. Those of you who didn’t attend Temple University may be wondering what the hell I’m talking about here, because you’ve probably only driven through the North of Death at high speeds, so let me explain. Deep in North Philly, where tall grass grows wild and Philly Tumbleweaves float aimlessly on the wind, lies North Philly’s Equestrian Society, which is actually just a group of people who inexplicably own horses in the inner city (check out This American Life‘s story below).

Apparently, one of these local horse owner has neglected to check in on his (or her) stable, as the SPCA reports that they’ve recently discovered two N. Philly steeds tied to a fence at 7th and Diamond, just chillin’. Someone reported the horses a few days ago, but, when the SPCA went to check things out, they were gone. On Wednesday morning, however, after hearing of another horsey-sighting, the SPCA located the beasts.

NBC reports that the horses “appear to be malnourished,” and neither of them have shoes on. The horses were seen grazing on grass (and all sorts of heinous shit, probably) by Yvette Chamberlain, who works nearby at a Homeless Shelter. Chamberlain told, “The horses were just standing there by themselves. After the horse nudged me, it went back to eating the grass off the lot. And that’s when I called 911.”

Police are now looking for the rightful owner and generally having a grand old time feeding them carrots and apples.

Source: NBC 10, | Photos: Alejandro A. Alvarez / Staff Photographer via

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