Eagles Partner with Angry Birds

The Philadelphia Eagles have just announced that they’ve signed a partnership with the popular game ‘Angry Birds.’  In case you’ve been living in a sewer for the past few years, Angry Birds, produced by a Finland-based media entertainment company called Rovio Entertainment, is the highest selling (and also the most addicting) paid app of all time, with more than one billion downloads worldwide.

Although the financial terms and organizational details of the agreement have not been released yet, both brands are expecting that the partnership will increase publicity and revenue on either end. To help announce the deal, the Eagles released this animated press conference, in which head coach Andy Reid mentions a new character, the “Mighty Philadelphia Eagle.”

Eagles officials have stated that further details on the agreement will be released as football season nears, but for now, here’s hoping that this city of die-hard Birds fans will look up from their phones once in a while to actually catch the game.

Source: Philadelphia Business Journal

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