Flick of the Week: Lola Versus

Lola Versus

Hi, my name is Lola (Greta Gerwig) and I just turned 29. This year, my life just turned to shit. My fiancé Luke (Joel Kinnaman) dumped me weeks before our wedding and my world is shattered. I’m power eating and lonely, and my foul-mouthed best friend Alice (Zoe Lister Jones) says it builds character, but… I don’t want character. I want to feel better. I’m making all kinds of bad choices. I’m flirting with Luke’s best friend Henry (Hamish Linklater) whose also kinda my best friend. Probably shouldn’t kiss him when I ask him to sleep over. Probably shouldn’t ask him to sleep over. And I know I shouldn’t reconnect with Luke to find closure—especially since he’s the one who got cold feel. But we run in close circles. And you know how sex with an ex can be? I do now, unfortunately. I should be working on my dissertation—about silence—but I can’t concentrate.

My dad (Bill Pullman) says you have to “shake life up and let it fall out of your hands,” but that suggests having some control before you lose it, and I have none. I’m going on bad dates, having bad sex, and seeing a bad play that Alice is in. And I’m in a bad mood. But you’ll be in a good mood if you come see me. I may be vulnerable and not myself, but I’m funny and engaging. And I may be slutty, but I’m a good person! I do pratfalls, and act silly lying on the floor craving chips. But my emotions are genuine and you will understand them. Besides, Alice is really hysterical—she actually gets all the great one-liners. Luke is cute and Henry is charming and then there’s the guy I met getting fish—well, he surprised me. I live in New York, and you’ll get to see all the great sights if you visit me—Times Square, the High Line, even the Russian Baths. If you come, it will cheer me up. I know I’ll cheer you up. Love, Lola.

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