Phillie Phanatic Hit With Another Lawsuit for Throwing Woman in Pool

The fun-loving Phillie Phanatic has recently been slapped with its fourth lawsuit in the last decade. According to CBS, the mischievous Phillies mascot was flaunting its dance moves when it (allegedly) decided to playfully toss a woman in the pool… and break her back.

Suzanne Peirce from Abington is claiming that she was casually basking in the sun by the pool when the mascot picked her up with her chair and “threw her in the pool.” The alleged attack took place at the Golden Inn in Avalon in July 2010.

Apparently, the woman, who is in her mid-30s, broke her back and now has to walk with a cane. Traumatized, she further cited “humiliation and loss of life’s pleasures” as a result of the assault. As expected, she has now decided to strike back and go after the entire Phillies organization. The specific financial damages she is seeking in her lawsuit have not been publicly disclosed.

Previous “offenses” that have caused the scandalous mascot to come under fire in the past include but are not limited to “hugging someone too hard” and causing a church lady to get a knee-cap replacement after it took the liberty to sit on her legs.

We’re not sure what could have possibly taken over our lovable friend this time around, but at least the Phillies are standing by their trusty creature, stating that they “do not believe wrongful conduct occurred.”

Source: CBS News

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