PPA Auctions Actually Perpetuate Our ATV Nightmare

It turns out that the PPA is your sworn enemy for more than just the obvious reasons. The Daily News has recently discovered that a portion of ATVs and dirtbikes which are confiscated from illegal riders are actually being auctioned off by the PPA back to those same riders.

This essentially means the PPA is profiting off our perpetual ATV nightmare.

A portion of the auction’s proceeds do go to local schools, but that really doesn’t excuse them. Here’s why. The auctions, which occur about three times per week and “almost always” contain a few dirtbikes and quads, has led the DN to estimate that around 500 dirtbikes have been sold back to the public in the past five years.

So, it’s very possible that that guy who almost decapitated your ailing grandmother on Broad Street purchased his death-mobile from the PPA.

The city is really has no clue how to deal with this annual scourge. As we reported earlier, officially, the PPD employs a “no-pursuit,” but that hasn’t stopped them from giving ATV riders a hard time. One local rider, Tay, told Philly.com, “We’ve been chased, bumped, rammed, Tased and maced off our bikes. They even get out the helicopter, fly real low and get on the loudspeaker: ‘STOP YOUR BIKE!'”

Earlier this year, a 14-year-old boy was killed while riding his dirtbike when he collided with another vehicle while police allegedly gave chase. His mother now intends to sue the city.

Obvious, it is illegal to ride an ATV in the city, and although there a few abandoned lots near the Delaware where riders can legally enjoy their hobby, the problem has only gotten worse with time. Which leads me to believe that this Reddit user has posited the one and only viable solution: strategically placed fishing line.

Source: Philly.com | Photos via David Maialetti /Staff Photographer


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