PPD Testing Point of View, On-officer Cameras

In addition to training his officers to use Twitter, Commissioner Charles Ramsey is now testing out a new product from the lovely folks who brought you the Taser and subsequent hilarious Taser incidents. It’s called the AXON Flex, and it’s essentially a spy cam mounted to a pair of cheesy Oakley sunglasses that most cops already wear.

The point of view camera is meant to protect officers from frivolous lawsuits and provide video evidence for court proceedings, much in the same dashboard cameras are used. (As Ramsey points out, Pennsylvania’s current wire tapping laws would disallow the AXON Flex from recording audio.)

According to the Daily News, around six officers will start wearing the cameras, which cost about $1,000 each, to test their effectiveness. FOP president John McNesby doesn’t seem to thrilled about the new contraptions, though, telling the DN, “We’re 500 cops below where we should be, so I’d be totally against it until they hired those officers, repaired every police station and put decent cars on the street.”

Transit police in San Francisco are one of the first departments to employ the point of view cameras; they’ve ordered 160 of them and plan to start using them soon. The new technology is likely a response last year’s controversy in San Francisco, in which a BART officer shot and killed a detained suspect in front of a large crowd on a subway platform.

Check out the video below to see the futuristic specs in action and consider this your one and only warning: That cop’s corny sunglasses may have a camera in them.

Source: Philly.com | Photos: Taser

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