“El Wingador” Arrested for Cocaine Distribution, Apparently Drives a Kia Soul

Whoah, wait a second, you mean to tell me the same guy who won four Wing Bowl Championships may actually be a cocaine dealer from New Jersey?

Hold on, the room is spinning…

New Jersey State Police apparently arrested Bill Simmons last Friday night in Harrison Township after a month-long investigation by state police provided enough evidence for a search warrant. Police claim to have found $8,000 worth of white pony and $4,000 in cash in El Wingador’s Kia Soul (which is, of course, covered in totally bad ass El Wingador decals).

A small amount of “C Dust” was also found at Simmon’s residence in Woodbury Heights, and the champ has since been taken to Gloucester County Jail. His bail has been set at $100,000.

So, what does this mean for the future of Philly’s Wing Bowl? Absolutely nothing, this is all par for the course, but the story will do wonders for El Wingador’s supposed reality TV series, “America’s Biggest Eater,” which will now inevitably include a light cocaine pun in the title.

Check out El Wingador during this year’s Wing Bowl; it may be the last chance you get to see him gorge as a free man.

Source: NJ.com | Photos: Philly.com

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