L&I Plans to Launch Web App This Summer

Last year, L&I attempted to launch a new web tool that would allow users to search Philly’s Licenses and Inspections permits, applications and violations. Despite the hype surrounding the technologically advanced application (pictured above), dubbed “License to Inspect,” the 2011 launch deadline silently passed.

Hope is on the horizon, however, as the launch of a new similar app seems to be approaching. Former License and Inspection Commissioner Fran Burns unveiled plans to Technically Philly for an admittedly less comprehensive web app that should be available on L&I’s website later this summer.

Commenting on the delay of the original tool, Burns said, “We were excited by the ‘License to Inspect’ Project because we thought it would move quickly and get the data out there faster so we could be more transparent sooner…we always intended to have our own tool.”

L&I director of strategic initiative Maura Kennedy added that as the initial delays furthered, the other team failed to keep L&I in the loop. The orignal ‘License to Inspect’ API is still being worked on, apparently. Matt Golas, PlanPhilly Managing Director and ‘License to Inspect’ advocate, reassures that “even if L&I launches first, ‘License to Inspect’ offers considerable value…this would be the real deal of the city open data conversation.”

The public spotlight has shown bright on L&I these past fews months after a massive blaze at an abandoned Kensington warehouse killed two local firemen. The department has since promised to better enforce key measures, such as sealing up abandoned warehouses, but they’ve also gotten flashy new uniforms to make their presence known in local neighborhoods. Now, if they can just get that web app going , they can finally leap into the late 20th century.

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Rachel Clarke

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