City to Get Rid of Your Deserted Bike

For all you aimless drifters and mindless hoarders who, for one reason or another, have decided to permanently park your good-for-nothing bike on public grounds, the city has an announcement for you.

The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) is teaming up with the Philadelphia Streets Department in order to launch the “Abandoned Bike Clean-Up project.” Aimed at getting rid of the city’s deserted two-wheelers, this plan designates “abandoned bikes” as those that need to be retired because they have “missing or damaged parts.” While the “clean sweep” is set to take place on July 23rd, the city is giving you a whole week to retrieve your rusty belongings yourself by leaving “notification for removal” on each crap-bike.

After the sweep wraps up, the bikes will reportedly be sent to charities, where they will be renovated for future use. You can help expedite this process by reporting forgotten bikes, along with any pertinent information, to the City’s 311 hotline.

Officials expect the project to clear up sidewalks as well as create additional parking spaces for bikers who intend to use their fixies on a more regular basis.

Photo: Under Design, Transportation Nation

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