What the Hell is Happening to Camden?

It seems like every time we get news from our brother from another side of the Delaware, it’s some heinous story that catapults Camden 10 years back. This time around, some Camden residents are getting a sneak peek into Colonial times, after a number of opened fire hydrants gave way to low water pressure in neighborhoods west of Cooper River.

Authorities maintain that the recent hellish temperatures spurred some residents to open the hydrants as a quick means to cool off. Now they’re without proper drinking water and I’m shit out of luck for the Camden Riversharks game because it was cancelled due to “lack of vital nourishment.”

Camden has since temporarily banned “nonessential water use,” so locals can only use their low-flow, boiled water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Here’s a tip for you, Camden. If you’re going to illegally open your fire hydrants, make sure only one guy has the wrench per block (that’s what South Philly has done for years now). Otherwise, you end up turning your entire neighborhood into a pre-industrialized Russia- and that’s what killed Tchaikovsky… I think.

Source: Philly.com

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