Terrell Owens Caught in Sex Scandal with Himself

It seems that the former Eagles star turned washed-up indoor footballer, Terrell Owens, has been caught in a salacious sex scandal with none other than himself. TMZ reports that  T.O.’s new career change could land him in the triple-x arena, in which he’d play the sole lead.

The one-man-show was reportedly caught “having fun with himself” on Skype by a woman he met through Twitter. TMZ reports that the unidentified woman snagged some pretty graphic screen-shots during one of their sexually cyber encounters. She’s since forwarded the pics to various media outlets in an effort to make some cash (no, we have not seen the pictures, but apparently they are VERY revealing).

So, remember when T.O. said “I’m going to work with T.O. and only T.O.” ? Turns out he wasn’t kidding.

Source: TMZ

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