Local Man Convinced Sandusky is Going to Kill Him Over Urinal Incident

Even though Sandusky is currently rotting away in the slammer, a Philadelphia man is reportedly seeking a restraining against him- because he thinks that the former assistant coach is going to kill him.

The man, who is allegedly a “relative of a Wisconsin player,” apparently had a confrontation with Sandusky at a urinal in Camp Randall Stadium back in 2002, in which Sandusky allegedly clutched his junk. Here’s some further details from a recent ABC report:

” ‘While urinating, I was approached by defendant Jerry Sandusky who said he was traveling with Penn State and asked me if I wanted a signed Joe Paterno autograph, and I told him to leave me alone because I was peeing, and Sandusky said to me ‘let me touch it’ and reached in the urinal and grabbed my penis, further {sic} saying to me ‘let me make your sexual fantisy’s come trlje {sic}.’ I told him stop molesting me and I’m reporting him to the police. Sandusky then left but gave me a fair warning, ‘If you tell a soul I tocuhed {sic} your penis, I will kill you’ and left.’

The man goes on to say that after the game he told his relative and then-head coach Barry Alvarez, Brian White and Kevin Cosgrove.”

Seems about right, but, fortunately, there’s a twist here. DeadSpin reports that the plaintfiff’s name is Jonathan Bollinger, a supposed cousin of former Wisconsin quarterback Brooks Bollinger. That would make sense, but it seems Brooks has never even heard of a John Bollinger.

Further complicating the case is the recent finding that the official address listed in the court application is actually that of Helium Comedy Club. We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge, but, to be honest, this whole thing is starting to seem like a carefully crafted and pretty weak prank by some shitty local comedian.

Source: Deadspin | Photo: Gene J. Puskar, Matt Rourke/AP

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