More Parklets!

In an effort to provide Philadelphians a break from the recent, unbearable wave of heat and violence, University City has just re-opened its parklet on 43rd Street!

Initially unveiled last year, the parklet is located on a mere 40 ft by 6 ft property, north of Baltimore Avenue. Furnished with tables and chairs, the small swatch of land adds a breath of fresh air with some welcome greenery and a convenient proximity to the Green Line Café.

An idea championed in New York City, parklets are becoming increasingly more common in the Philadelphia area with more scheduled to open in Chinatown, Manayunk, Logan Square, among other places, in the near future.

The inviting “mini-park” at University City is reportedly scheduled for public use until mid-October, when it will remain closed until next spring.

Photo via UCD

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Olga Hajishengallis

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