You May Find Waldo(s) This Independence Day

This Independence Day at 5 pm, Where’s Waldo Compliment Assassin, a human version the classic children’s book, will commence in Logan Square.

Though it’s more like a game of tag than the actual Where’s Waldo books, the event will presumably be more engaging than its origin, which, while captivating for young children, would hardly hold an adult’s attention for more than five minutes (it’s honestly really easy in hindsight) .

The rules are simple- participants don red and white-striped shirts and hats of Waldo (and maybe bottle-top glasses) and make their way through the enormous crowds that will fill Philadelphia’s streets for the 2012 Fourth of July, thus imitating Waldo inconspicuously making his way through crowds on the pages of Martin Hanford’s memorable books. When one Waldo clone finds another- and the key difference from the books is that Waldo (not some kid sitting on the floor) is looking for other Waldo- the two play “Compliment Assassin,” exchanging up to three of the game’s prescribed compliments until one “kills” the other by guessing the other’s “compliment phrase.” The loser (and anyone who previously lost to that person) must join the winner and continue looking for more doppelgängers.

The presumed result is that, by the end, one Waldo army is pushing through civilians, hunting the other group (or perhaps a rogue Waldo that has managed not to be caught by any of the others.) Afterward, the group will make its way to the nearby concert on Benjamin Franklin Parkway to resume normal human behavior.

The organizers of the game are hoping that some of the Waldos will become friends, but it could be more interesting if, thanks to their training with hiding-in-plain-sight, a Waldo spots two others rocking out together to the Roots.

Get more info on this event over on the Facebook.

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Jesse Zucker

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