Is this Real? PSPCA Plans Rally After Another Dog is Found Burned

Is this real? Because planning a rally to raise awareness for random dog burnings throughout the city feels more appropriate in the social commentary of Ray Bradbury than real-life life. Unfortunately, it seems that is actually happening, and it’s all because we’re horrible, horrible people.

About a week ago, a dog named Chloe was found on the 700 block of Grey street, covered with severe burns after someone used an accelerant to ignite her. After being taking to vet, she died, taking with her Philly’s last hope for medieval levels of common decency.

Now, we’ve got another case of flaming canine. This time, a passerby discovered a pitbull puppy on West Cheltenham Ave in the West Oak Lane section. The puppy’s name is Hercules and, true to his namesake, he has done battle with a local fire-breathing Cacus.

Our collective sanity and/or karmic souls have been spared for the moment, though, as the Animal Alliance of NJ was able to rescue young Hercules from the dark clutches of Hades. Still, the fury surrounding these absurd and seemingly connected dog burnings has spurred the PSPCA to plan a rally, called “Justice for Chloe, A Rally Against Animal Abuse.”

So, if you’re against torching canines for mere amusement, head out to the Pennsylvania SPCA headquarters on 350 E. Erie Avenue on July 12 at 7 pm, and, uh, make your voice heard.

Source and photos: NBC 10

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