Nutter Calls July 4th Shooter a “Little Asshole,” Claims He is Not “Psychologist for the City”

Get ‘em, Nut-Nut! We love this guy, especially when he lets his frustration over our city’s penchant for poorly timed violence fly free in the breeze.

As you’ve probably heard, Philly’s Fourth of July celebration suffered a bit of a misstep when a 16-year-old decided it was appropriate to shoot two other teens near the Parkway over some presumably stale, Grade-C beef. Of course, Mayor Nutter was quick to play down the shooting, telling the media, “I’m not gonna let some little asshole 16 year-old who had a beef with somebody a month ago up in Germantown negatively impact the image of the city.”

He also added, “Everyone else came down just to have a good time. I cannot control what every person might want to do or what’s in their head. I’m the mayor, I’m not the psychologist for the city.”

That is probably a good thing; we can’t imagine the psychic toll that would take on one single person.

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