About That Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour…

The gods are cruel, indeed. Late last night, someone posted this to Philly’s subreddit, which instantly prompted us to totally freak the funk out and begin planning what would surely be the best party of our millenial youth. We would need ballons -no, Murray wouldn’t want ballons, would he? Punch? Where does one even get punch? Is it a powder? Ok, forget punch and ballons; we’d definitely need some good tunage- Sun Airway, Dr. Dog- they’d do it, right?

Alas, our swirling mind grapes were squished in one fell swoop when we decided to actually call what we thought was the Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour Hotline (785 273-0325) – and ended up getting the Westboro Baptist Church‘s voicemail.

Well played, anonymous prankster, well played.


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