Judge Shoots Down Mayor Nutter’s Ban on Outdoor Homeless Feeding

U.S. District Judge William H. Yohn has just shot down Mayor Nutter’s proposed measure aimed at limiting “free food distribution” for the homeless to City Hall’s apron and other indoor locations.

Contingent upon the judge’s ruling, the proposal to outlaw “public feedings of groups of more than three people in any city park” was put into effect last month. Nutter’s administration further explained that the enactment would serve as a way to prevent food-borne diseases as well environmental deterioration of Philadelphia’s parks.

Citing insufficient reasoning behind Nutter’s suggested ban, Judge Yohn found that merely changing venues would do little to bring more decency and respect for the homeless, an argument put forth by Nutter’s administration.

Rejoicing at the ruling, religious organizations who had filed the suit against the regulation argued that they strictly adhere to the “city’s free-food sanitation course.” The groups, which include Philly Restart and King’s Jubilee, stated that they plan to continue their charitable work on Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Mayor Nutter’s office is expected to publicly comment on the matter soon.

Source: Philly.com

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