Wildwood Boardwalk Shops Busted for Phony Weed

Authorities recovered $160,000 worth of synthetic marijuana at various vendors lining Wildwood’s boardwalk on Tuesday. Police reportedly collected 1,600 packets of fake marijuana (sometimes referred to as “Spice”), accompanied by a plethora of other substances, including $121,000 cash, 11 guns and assorted drug paraphernalia.

According to NewsWorks, the suppliers were apprehended while attempting to make a deal with undercover investigators.

The pseudo-drug, which is commonly sold under creative street names like “Jersey Shore”, “K2” and “Rehab,” allegedly imitates a marijuana-like high and is popular with parolees and those on probation as it does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound contained in traditional marijuana. In an article for The Fix, local writer Jeff Deeney pointed to a recent experiment in which a prominent Philadelphia drug treatment center tested 10 random urine samples, reporting that “seven contained K2.”

Though synthetic marijuana is banned everywhere in NJ, producers are known to tweak the chemical strain, which keeps them one step ahead of authorities. Earlier this week, President Obama signed a law that will classify synthetic substances like bath salts and K2 as illegal. The drugs will now be controlled by the Federal Government, much in the same cocaine and ecstasy are treated.

Source: NewsWorks, The Fix

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