Beanie Sigel Gets Two Years for Tax Evasion

Philly’s own Beanie Sigel was sentenced to two years in prison this week for neglecting to file numerous federal income tax returns. Beanie apparently decided that from 2003 to 2005, he wasn’t going to pay some $340,000 he owed the government. Prosectors also claim that, from 1999 t0 2002, Beanie “forgot” to pony up around $380,000 to The Man.

So, where is Beanie’s money? Well, U.S. District Judge Jan E. Dubois has a hunch that Beanie’s loot is somewhere in the Cayman Islands, just chillin’, “For all we know, [Sigel] has earned a significant sum of money and simply squirreled it away, out of the reach of the government…”

His sentence should start in September, so we can probably expect an obligatory incarceration album sometime next year.


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