Clothing No Longer Required on Asbury Park Boardwalk

As of Wednesday, it is no longer against the law to walk Asbury Park’s boardwalk wearing only your swim trunks. City Council overturned an antiquated, 1958 ordinance which dictates that “no person clad in bathing attire shall be on the boardwalk or the public walks adjacent thereto.” So, like it or not, Asbury Park will now be forced to welcome all speedo-wearing, bikini-loving, basically nude beachgoers, such as these guys, who celebrated the change by confidently strutting down the boardwalk in some fun undies.

Of course, not everyone is down with the new hippy vibe. Former Councilwoman Louise Murray, who may or not be a humongous square, insisted that allowing bathing suits to be worn in boardwalk restaurants and bars threatens Asbury’s “classy” image, which is somewhat validated, considering that the town is famous for being loved by The Boss and also Snooki-free.

Source: | Photos: Asbury Park Press,

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Rachel Clarke

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