Terry Gross Questing for Elusive Howard Stern Interview

The incomparable Terry Gross and the recently domesticated Howard Stern appear to complete opposites. Despite this, we would absolutely love to see them together; it’d probably be even more entertaining than that time Terry Gross called out an especially sleazy Gene Simmons for his unbearable ego and generally horrid personality.

It appears that the Fresh Air staff is in agreement with us. Melody Kramer, Fresh Air’s Assosciate Producer, recently participated in an AMA on Reddit. When asked “Is there anyone that Terry has been really wanting to interview, but can’t get them to do it?”, Melody responded, “We’ve been after Howard Stern for a while…”

Well, the stars have aligned, and, as Jim Romenesko points out, both Gross and Stern are slated to be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. To help move things along, Romenesko forwarded Melody’s email address to Jon Lieberman, Stern’s newsman, to which he responded, “Let me see what I can do. …will do my best.”

Here’s hoping this goes down soon. Keep your fingers crossed for an impromptu Sybian ride!

Source: JimRomenesko.com

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