Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll Starts Thursday

Beginning tonight (Thursday, July 19), Baltimore Avenue (between 42nd and 50th streets) gets festive with live music, street performances, sidewalk vendors, food trucks and $1 deals on everything from ice cream to beer for the annual Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll. The ever-popular event runs from 5:30 to 8:30pm and will serve up goodies from countless neighborhood spots (like the Milk & Honey Market, Green Line Cafe and VIX Emporium) and will give attendees the chance to get much more bang than usual for just one buck. Get into the area early for the Clark Park Farmers’ Market (43rd and Baltimore, 3-7pm) for treats and goods from tons of local vendors.













The full list of 2012 Dollar Stroll participants is listed below. If you can’t make the first event, you can swing by for the next round on Thursday, August 16th or for the final Stroll of the summer on Thursday, September 20th.

4630 Baltimore
$1 roasted garlic hummus and pita, $1 grape leaves

Atiya Ola’s Spirit First Foods
4505 Baltimore
$1 raw foods, $1 health beverages

Baltimore Pet Shoppe
4532 Baltimore
$1 toys, treats and accessories for cats and dogs

Calvary Center for Culture and Community
4740 Baltimore
$1 raffle tickets for a chance to win a basket of goodies

Curio Theatre
4740 Baltimore
$1 season preview tickets, $1 tickets to The Kid Curio Show

4708 Baltimore
$1 lentil wrap, $1 side salad

Dock Street Brewery
701 S. 50th Street
$1 craft beer

Elena’s Soul
4912 Baltimore
$1 mac and cheese, $1 yams, $1 wings, 
$1 beers, $1 peach cobbler

Firehouse Bikes
701 S. 50th Street
$1 tubes, $1 patch kits, $1 tire lever

Gojjo Restaurant and Bar
4540 Baltimore
$1 samosas, $1 Ethiopian cheesesteak

Gold Standard
4800 Baltimore
$1 mini blackbean burgers, $1 mini sandwiches and desserts

Green Line Café
4239 Baltimore
$1 iced coffee, $1 hotdogs, $1 carrot dogs, $1 vegan cupcakes, $1 gourmet iced tea

Independent Rock
5011 Baltimore
$1 voucher for guitar, bass, or drum lessons

Mariposa Food Co-op
4824 Baltimore
$1 Baked goods

Milk & Honey Market
4435 Baltimore
$1 scoop of Bassetts Ice Cream

Queen of Sheba
4511 Baltimore
$1 can of beer

Studio 34
4522 Baltimore
$1 coupon for yoga class

4533 Baltimore
$1 potato chips, $1 cookies, $1 small fountain drinks

Thrive Fitness
815 S. 48th Street
$1 coupon for one Thrive Fitness Bootcamp

Vientiane Café
4728 Baltimore
$1 chicken or tofu skewer, $1 spring rolls, $1 naam salad, $1 bottled water

VIX Emporium
5009 Baltimore
$1”West Philly” notecards, stickers and patches, plus $1 memberships to University City Historical Society and Cedar Park Community Association

Maru Global Takoyaki
$1 Chocolate covered pancake balls
$1 Silver dollar Okomomiyaki

Sweet Box
$1 baby and mini cupcakes
The Sunflower Truck Stop
$1 zucchini bread with homemade jelly

Jimmies Cupcake Company
$1 mini cupcakes, $1 brownies, $1 cookies

The Tamale Cart
$1 hot dogs, baked beans, and collards

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