Help Bring this Pooping Cab Driver to Justice

Look, we all poop, but, unfortunately, not all of us have the requisite levels of class and sophistication to routinely stop us from blasting one in the middle of the street. Just take this yet-to-be-identified Freedom Taxi driver as a prime example.

A YouTube user who calls himself (come on, this has to be a dude) CommonSensePhilly recently uploaded this highly disturbing surveillance footage which depicts an on-duty cab driver defecating on the sidewalk in an undisclosed area of the city. The vigilante is now trying to bring “The Plopper” (that’s what we’re calling him, but we’re fielding suggestions) to justice, but authorities dont’ seem to be cooperating:

I called Freedom Taxi whose manger responded with “It’s not my job to clean it up, we are not sending anyone out.” I also called the Phila City 311 who could only “take a report”, as well as, emailed the PPA Facebook page and nothing. Contacted the local ABC and NBC and nothing other than call the police. Called the police and they took a report. I asked the cops if I shit on the taxi cab company’s sidewalk, what would happen. Officers told me I would be arrested.

WTF! I just want the shit cleaned up, it’s HUMAN FECAL MATTER for shit’s sake!

We agree, CommonSensePhilly; if we’re not going to employ our CCTV to apprehend rogue poopers, this town is going to go to shit. Fast.

H/T: Philly Post

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