Tony Luke Jr. Would Like His Cardboard Cutout Back, Please

Local cheesesteak celebrity Tony Luke Jr. is now begging the three thieves who stole his life-sized cardboard cutout to return it to its rightful South Philly home.

Surveillance cameras show that his cardboard likeness was stolen shortly after midnight on July 9th. In a YouTube video posted by Tony Luke’s, Tony Luke Jr. (Jr.?) pleads for the safe return of his beloved father before showing footage of the audacious criminals in action.

Although Luke Jr. acknowledged that he could easily get another cutout, he insisted that this one has sentimental value. “It was the first cutout we made…a lot of kids took pictures with it,” he said.

The famed restaurant chain received additional support after posting a wanted poster to their Facebook page and sending out tweets asking for the cutout to be returned.  So far, commenting fans have been eager to show their loyalty to The Court of Tony Luke, as the evil-doers have been called “drunk dirt bags” “guido douchebags” and “scumbags” by enraged cheesesteak-lovers.

Tony Luke Jr. refuses to file a police report, stating on Facebook that “we want to see if our fans can help us out, this is how we handle our kidnappers.” He also promised that “no questions would be asked” as long as the cutout is given back.  He’s now offering a reward of one free cheesesteak every day for a month (that’s 30 free cheesesteaks) for anyone who can crack the case.

On the up side, the caper seems to have given Mr. Luke a substantial amount of press coverage… wait, ah f*ck.

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Source: NBC 10

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