Nutter Pens Letter to Romney Demanding Tax Returns

Mayor Nutter, accompanied by host of other mayors, recently sent a rather critical letter to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, asking him to finally release his super secret tax returns. Here’s a snippet:

“Remember when you auditioned to be John McCain’s vice presidential pick? You gladly handed over twenty-three years of tax returns.  Now, as you audition for the American people, you think one full year is good enough.  It isn’t.”

Romney, who is estimated to be worth about $250 million, has been unwilling to release tax returns lately, which has critics speculating that he has something to hide. The Wall Street Journal and other editorials maintain that Romney is acting as most wealthy Americans do by “taking advantage of legal loopholes and smart accounting teams.”

If Romney thinks that his once-private financial matters are going to be ignored by politicians, the group of mayors who recently gathered in Philly for the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting (of which Nutter is President) proved that he is obviously very, very wrong.

Source: Daily News

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