Safely Navigate South Philly with This Here Map

While South Philly is clearly safer than its cardinal opposite, there are a few pockets that you should probably avoid after nightfall. Unfortunately, it is damn near impossible to know which streets have fallen into evil hands and which ones are still guarded by widely feared old ladies who overzealously sweep the street.

East Passyunk-ers are especially aware of Philly’s block-by-block safety hazards; even the most innocent westward stroll across Broad Street could wind up being our last if we take even one extremely wrong turn.

To solve this problem, someone on has created a map which supposedly outlines all of South Philly’s safe and evil havens. The green zones (indicated by blue) are largely considered safe by most non-agoraphobic Philadelphians, while the red areas, according to the map’s creator, are to be traversed with caution.

Of course, there’s still a sizable portion of South Philly that remains indeterminate (indicated by nothing on the map). So, if you’re man enough, head out into those areas and let’s get this map completed- we’re right behind you, we swear.

Source: NewsWorks, PhiladelphiaSpeaks

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