The Great South Philly Flood of 2012

While most South Philly residents only noticed a brief drop in water pressure, a few unlucky G-Hoers are probably wandering the streets right now, searching for a working shower so that they can cinematically bang their fists against the tile and repeatedly ask “Why me?”.

By now we’re sure you heard about what has been dubbed “The Great South Philly Flood of 2012″. Hell, you’re probably already on the obligatory “Where-were-you-during-The-Great-South-Philly-Flood? stage (watching Breaking Bad, uhuh-duh).

The large transmission water main broke on 21st and Bainbridge, forcing several residents to evacuate via boat and leaving a gitant crater in its wake. Then this morning, a gas leak caused by the resulting sinkhole interrupted the cleanup effort. (Man alive, we are incompetent.)

We were unable to find out when G-Ho will be back to 100%, but John DiGiulio of the water department told that the water main is probably, like, older than your grandparents. “We believe it’s likely almost a 100 years old if not more.”

Anyway, in lieu of more relevant information, here’s a pic dump, so you have proof when you tell your jaded children of the future that you braved the Great Flood of 2012.

Photos via Alejandro A. Alvarez for, NakedPhilly, @BeautyShopCafe, @ JohnnyGoodtimes, Imugr

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