Former Yahoo CEO Relegated to Beautiful Conshohocken

You Conshohocken commuters may find yourself sitting in traffic next to an internet millionaire! As it turns out, Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is now working in Conshohocken as the CEO of ShopRunner, a much smaller, private e-commerce company.

Scott’s career change was not exactly his own choice, as he was asked to leave Yahoo when investigators found a false academic claim on his resume. Apparently, he does not actually possess that bachelor’s degree in computer science. Thompson has since claimed that a placement firm was responsible for the error and that he was unaware it was on his resume.

Thompson will have his work cut out for him at ShopRunner, a service that offers free two-day shipping and returns from various stores for a $79 annual membership fee. The group appears to be struggling at this point and, according to Bloomberg Business Week, it does not have many big retailers on board while it attempts to compete with and other powerful companies.

So, welcome to Conshohocken, Scott! Jimmy John’s has pretty fast delivery for lunch (the Wawa gets real crazy around noon) and you’re definitely going to want to check out 7th Heaven Gentlemen’s Club on Hector Street.

Just, please, never, under any circumstances, refer to it as “Conshy.”

Source: Business Insider | Photos: Paul Sakuma/AP, Bloomberg News

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