Sassy PPA Officers Will Undergo Hospitality Training, Could Learn Basic Human Compassion

Despite hours of video evidence documenting their penchant for rudeness, the PPA is looking to give their agents a softer touch when it comes to dealing with the public. During this month’s meeting of the Authority Board, the PPA agreed to pay $60,000 to the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau for hospitality training under the new “Philly Welcomes U” initiative.

Because Philly is essentially New York on steroids when it comes to common manners, 250 officers will undergo specially designed courses that will introduce them to highfalutin ideas like cordiality, “positive language” and basic human compassion.

According to CBS 3, “The ‘Philly Welcomes U’ program will include courses on anticipating the different types of visitors, anticipating their needs, and the use of importance of ‘active listening’ and ‘positive language.’”

Translation: We’re f*cking savages. So, when Toby and his wife Abigail from Wisconsin get ticketed outside of The Barnes because they couldn’t decipher our heinous parking signs, they’ll probably go home to tell the rest of the Hutterites about how rude we were and that “With Love” should really be changed to “With Attitude.”

The courses, which haven’t been scheduled yet, may also be integrated into training for Philly’s cab drivers, so expect a large section on why you shouldn’t shit in the middle of the street.

Source: CBS 3 | Photos: A&E

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