Liberty Lands Park to Show 80s Movies Actually Worth Seeing

Liberty Lands Park is looking to bring back the ‘80’s (not in an annoying way) this summer with a series of free, public movie screenings every Thursday night.

Contrary to most free movie screenings, the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association and the folks from Awesome Fest have selected movies that are actually worth seeing for a second or, in our case, thirtieth time. Cautiously dubbed the ‘best of the 80’s’, each film will be shown on a giant inflatable screen on the park’s performance stage. Viewers are encouraged to bring blankets, chairs, snacks or working Powergloves.

Some showings will also include related activities like a campfire roast during Ghostbusters and a video game tournament during The Wizard. Full list of dates after the jump.

Liberties Land Park (926 N. American Street)

• July 19: National Lampoon’s Vacation
• July 26: Ghostbusters (with a marshmallow roast)
• August 2: PeeWee’s Big Adventure
• August 9: Top Gun
• August 16: Predator
• August 23: Beetlejuice
• August 30: The Wizard (with a video game tournament)

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Rachel Clarke

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